4130 Heliport Road

Nampa, Idaho


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Kachina Aviation Personnel

Doug Barclay      42 Years Experience    

Vice President     Financial, Operational, Safety                 


Douglas Barclay has been with Kachina Aviation since 1993. Starting his career in the rotorcraft industry in 1975 Doug has been involved in helicopter maintenance and operations in the Inter-mountain West for over 40 years.  Doug is also a Board Member of the Helicopters Association International.

Thomas Reynolds              41 Years Experience

Director of Maintenance     Maintenance


Tom Reynolds has over 41 years in the rotorcraft industry supporting aircraft in some of the most inhospitable and remote terrain in the world.

Kim Hatch                       39 Years Experience

Director of Operations       Operations


Kim Hatch has over 39 years in the rotorcraft industry, with over 13,000 hours of accident-free flight time. Kim has worked on 4 continents with extensive remote area operations from Alaska to Yemen, and Spain to Thailand

David Boden   51 Years Experience           

Chief Pilot      Operations


David Boden began his career as a US Army pilot in Southeast Asia. David has flown and managed aircraft for over 36 years, working around the world in every facet of helicopter utilization

Casey Bisom        25 Years Experience    

Fleet Manager      Fuel Truck Fleet


Casey joined Kachina Aviation in 1994 as an Airframe and Power-plant aircraft mechanic. Subsequently Casey has serviced every aircraft type that Kachina has ever operated since its founding.  Casey now brings his focus for safety and detail to the preparation and maintenance of our Fuel Service truck fleet.

Brent English                      16 Years Experience

Marketing and Operations     Marketing/Operations


Brent joined Kachina Aviation in 2001. Since then he has provided logistical, administrative, and marketing support for company operations both in the field and at  Nampa headquarters.

Brad Johnson       40 Years Experience

Chief Inspector     Maintenance

Brad Johnson has 40 years in supporting rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft from field work to overhauls.  Brad joined Kachina Aviation in 2003.